Friday, October 3, 2008

Using Digital Images

This week we have been working with digital images, and I feel that this has been my favorite of all the lessons that we have done so far. I have used digital images a long time and felt very comfortable in their use, but for so long I never new how to make an image smaller so that it would not take up so much memory space. By practicing this skill using photoshop, I feel that it will help me greatly as I make powerpoints in my class or as I prepare my class website. It will add a great deal to my curriculum area because young children are visual learners and will greatly benefit from being able to see what they are learning so that it makes the information real and meaningful for them. I have also learned many strategies for incorporating digital photography in my lessons so that the children may document what they are learning and use it for other activities. I cannot wait to use these in my own classroom in see what the children are able to experience.

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