Friday, October 17, 2008

Inspiration and Web Creation

With each new program we work with, I am becoming amazed with how much I can do and how much I will be able to implement into my classroom. Inspiration is a very interesting software. I know that children are very much visual learners, and it will be important that i provide them with visuals and other concrete materials because it is through the use of these materials that I will be able to help the children to fully understand the material and make it something real and meaningful for them to learn. Using these webbing materials would also help them interconnect the concepts and further understand how they all fit together. I see many ways that I will be able to implement these into the classroom. I greatly enjoyed creating the butterfly web. I especially enjoyed being able to make links to the web to give the children further information. Butterflies have always been a deep interest of mine and I did a summer investigation with the preschool students at the Early Learning Center during my practicum experience. It would have been very beneficial to me to have known about inspiration at that time. This would have greatly assisted during the development of our investigation and would help the children track all that they have been learning. I am continually amazed at all that I am learning in this class, and sorting through the many resources that I will have as a teacher. Coming into this class, I felt very computer illiterate, but I am quickly becoming more confident in my abilities, and I look forward to getting into the classroom.

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