Monday, November 17, 2008

Finishing and Presenting the Powerpoint Tutorials

We finally finished up the PowerPoint tutorials this week. I am very proud of how my tutorial turned out. I was worried that it would be very hard to make and would not function properly, but as I worked and progressed through the program, I found that it was very easy to work and very easy to set up the hyperlinks within the program. The only problem I had with PowerPoint tutorial is that they take a really long time to create. It seems very impractical to spend ten hours working on a six question quiz that will only take the children a few minutes to complete. I can see these however being very useful for a unit lesson review. They could be set up as a game that the children play to review a great deal of material that they cover over an extended period of time. They would not be used everyday for every topic covered, but they could be used as a fun and engaging way to practice and review the material or even as a good way to study for a test.

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