Saturday, November 22, 2008

Classroom Webpages

This week we have been getting started on our classroom webpages. I was very excited and very nervous about working with the webpages. I have always felt that classroom webpages are an essential tool in the classroom. They are a great way to communicate with parents and to let them know about everything that goes on in the classroom. A webpage for my classroom would allow parents to know what we are doing in the classroom, our daily schedule, upcoming trips and events, educational resources for parents and students, etc. It will also provide parents with multiple ways to contact me if they have any questions, comments, or concerns. On the other hand, I was very nervous aboout creating webpages because I never have before and after Monday's class, I was very confused and frustrated with the webpage creation. I still dont know if I could set one up on my own without assistance but that is something I will just have to research once I have my own classroom. Wednesday was better because it is not quite as confusing to edit the page once you have created it. I look forward to continue working on these and hope that it will be a great way of knowing how to create my own.

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